The Microfridge ® offers students the convenience of a microwave oven, freezer, and refrigerator all in one compact unit. Its unique electrical system minimizes power consumption, providing the solution to our concerns about available electrical power in many of our residential buildings. We have arranged with the Melvin Corporation to provide these units to you.

Consider the advantage of not having to worry about fitting the unit into your (probably) over-packed vehicle. The unit is delivered to your room at the beginning of the academic year and then picked up at the end of the year. You will also have the convenience of having a microwave oven and refrigerator with freezer in your room. No more waiting for the “common area” appliances.

We do not allow separate microwave units and refrigerators due to the lack of available power in many of our residential areas. If you want the convenience of both in your room, the Microfridge ® is the only approved appliance.

If you are interested, please see the Melvin Corporation website to fill out an online lease agreement. Sales tax is included in the rental fee. If you have any questions, please contact Jay Melvin at 540-464-6900 or melvincorp@embarqmail.com.