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Room Change Process
Request to Move Off Campus
Special Housing for Medical Needs
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Room Change Process

Room changes are permitted throughout the semester (fall and spring) after the first two weeks in order to allow for occupancy of the halls to stabilize. After that time, room change requests are granted freely but are subject to the availability of spaces and rooms.

The first step is to talk with your resident advisor about your room change request.  Often, your RA can be helpful in assisting you in working through conflicts that may arise on the floor or with your roommate.  However, we realize that not all conflicts can be resolved, and we will not force any student to remain in an uncomfortable situation.

Next to facilitate the room change process, submit the Room Change Form to the Office of Residence Life.

 (Important: all room changes must be approved prior to any physical moves taking place.)

Residence Life reserves the right to make changes and place students in vacant spaces/rooms if needed. Students who find themselves in a double or triple room without a roommate or roommates will most likely receive a roommate during the year.

Once your room change is approved, you will go to the Office of Security to pick up the keys to your new room. You will be allowed to keep both your new keys and the keys to your old room for 72 hours while you complete the move. Once your move is finished, return you old keys to the Office of Security.

Request to Move Off Campus

At Mary Baldwin University, the residential environment is a key component of each student’s college experience. Students enrolled in the Residential College for Women are expected to live in on campus housing for the duration of their tenure with the college. Exceptions may be approved for compelling and extenuating circumstances:

  • students who are 21 or older by September 1
  • students who wish to live with their parents and/or extended family within the surrounding Staunton area
  • students who experience a change in life status, such as getting married
  • students with a medical need that cannot be accommodated on campus

A student must be in good standing academically as outlined in the Mary Baldwin Academic Catalog in order to be approved to move off campus.

Moving off campus can have a significant consequence for financial aid packages. Therefore, an appointment with the Office of Financial Aid is required.

In order to initiate the process, submit an Off Campus Housing Request.

Special Housing Requests for Medical Needs

To request special housing, due to medical concerns, fill out a Medical Exemption Form. For example, a student with mobility issues may need to be placed in a residence hall with an elevator, or a student with asthma may require air conditioning. In addition to the form, you must submit documentation from a physician verifying the need for special accommodations.