The Honor and Judicial Systems

Mary Baldwin University operates on the proud tradition of the Honor System. Honor is a personal quality that makes each student responsible for her/his own actions and fosters trust in one another and respect for truth. The Honor System is based on three principles: integrity of one’s word, respect for the property of others, and honesty in academic work. These standards are an integral part of life at Mary Baldwin. In becoming part of the college community, each student willingly assumes an obligation and a responsibility to uphold them. To learn more, read the Honor Code.

If you witness, or know of, an honor code or judicial code violation, please complete a Contact Report.


Believing in the principles of student government, I pledge myself to uphold the ideals and regulations of the Mary Baldwin University community. I recognize the principles of honor and cooperation as the basis of our life together. I shall endeavor faithfully to order my life accordingly. I will not lie, cheat, steal, plagiarize, or violate my pledge of confidentiality. I will encourage others to fulfill the ideals of the honor system and will meet my responsibility to the community by reporting incidents of honor offenses.


All students who enroll at Mary Baldwin University agree to abide by the rules, regulations, and standards of the college. The college, in turn, will offer a degree to those who abide by the rules, regulations, and other requirements of the college and who meet the established standards, and will attempt, during the student’s tenure, to lend advice and support as solicited and/or as needed. To learn more about the Judicial System and Code of Conduct, visit the Judicial Board website.


As a Mary Baldwin University student, I pledge to uphold the code of conduct by my words, deeds, and actions.