Sexual Misconduct Policy and Resources: Title IX at Mary Baldwin University

If you are the victim of sexual misconduct, there are a number of ways to report the incident as well as a wide array of services, information, support, and assistance you need to ensure your health and safety, both emotional and physical.

This page provides some information. There is extensive information about our university response policy and resources on this site.

In addition, you can obtain information about reporting and resources from the Title IX coordinator via phone at 540-887-7091 or in person at the Carpenter Academic Building, Room 211 (Staunton Campus). One of our deputy Title IX coordinators located in Room 117 at the Murphy Deming College of Health Sciences (Fishersville Campus) can also provide information.

Definition: “Sexual misconduct” means any unwelcome conduct of a sexual nature, including any conduct or act of a sexual nature perpetrated against an individual without Consent. Sexual Misconduct can occur between strangers or acquaintances, including people involved in an intimate or sexual relationship. Sexual misconduct can be committed by men or by women, and it can occur between people of the same or different sex. Sexual misconduct includes but is not limited to: dating violence; domestic violence; non-forcible sex acts; sexual assault; sexual exploitation; sexual harassment; and stalking. The college encourages reporting of all Sexual Misconduct.


Doug Davis
Title IX Coordinator