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What is University College, and what is its relationship to the new 3-year fast-track programs?

Starting in fall 2017, University College will be the unit of Mary Baldwin University that supports coeducational, campus-based undergraduate programs. It will be a point of admission and will also define the student experience for a new community within MBU’s constellation of communities, joining Mary Baldwin College for Women, Baldwin Online, Shakespeare and Performance, College of Education, and Murphy Deming College of Health Sciences. All are coeducational with the exception of Mary Baldwin College for Women.

Within University College will be three of MBU’s new 3-year fast-track learning communities: Murphy Deming Scholars in Health Professions, Shakespeare and Performing Arts, and Education Leaders. A fourth, Women Entrepreneurs, will operate within Mary Baldwin College for Women, as VWIL does currently.

University College will also admit commuter students.

Will graduation requirements for the fast-track programs be the same as for other undergraduates?

Yes. The degrees offered, curriculum, and graduation requirements are the same for all undergraduates regardless of program. For instance, a student who majors in biology will have the same requirements regardless of whether he or she enrolls through University College, Baldwin Online and Adult Programs, or Mary Baldwin College for Women. The requirements for graduate programs, such as the MAT and the MBA, will also be the same for all regardless of original MBU entry point.

What are the advantages of the fast-track programs beyond the degrees already available through Baldwin Online or MBCW?

As the academic curriculum and graduation requirements are the same, the primary advantages will be

  1. Co-curriculum: the focused fast-track programs will feature more structured networking, experiential learning, mentoring, and exposure to career-related experience.
  2. Time to degree: coursework will be sequenced and structured so that requirements can be met within a shorter time frame, which might include online courses taken over the summer.

What happens if someone in one of the focused fast-track programs takes longer than three years to complete the requirements?

Students may elect to take longer to complete the degree. Some potential reasons include taking time to study abroad, do an internship, or work through the summer.

Are students in the fast-track programs guaranteed slots in MBU graduate programs?

These programs are designed to prepare students for competitive graduate programs at MBU and elsewhere, but admission is not guaranteed. Students will be admitted to MBU graduate programs based on performance in their undergraduate coursework.

Will students in University College be able to participate in athletics?

As residential undergraduate students, University College students may participate in athletics. However, MBU does not currently offer men’s varsity sports. MBU will comply fully with Title IX requirements as well as NCAA guidelines on phasing in men’s intercollegiate sports. In the first year, we expect to be able to offer club sports according to demand.

Will the Honor Code apply to University College students?

Yes. All MBU students, in all programs, are subject to the Honor Code. The process of adjudication differs by program.

Will University College students pay a student activity fee?

Yes. The student activity fee is $275, the same as that for Mary Baldwin College for Women. It will be used to support activities specific to the student’s fast-track program, activities for University College students, and/or organizations and activities open to all residential undergraduates.

What factors should a commuter student consider in choosing among the three undergraduate points of admission — Baldwin Online, Mary Baldwin College for Women, and University College?

  • Women may choose any of these three undergraduate points of admission; men may choose between Baldwin Online and University College.
  • A student who is interested in the full-time, holistic college experience including co-curricular activities and campus life should choose University College or MBCW. These campus-based programs offer the advantage of fostering leadership skills, highly experiential learning, and developing the core skills that are so valuable in life and career.
  • Baldwin Online is designed for the student who is focused solely on taking needed courses, who seeks the flexibility afforded by online classes, and who may need to take less than a full course load. Baldwin online students may take on-campus classes.

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