1. The Wilderness Adventure:  Start your VWIL experience with a three-day adventure designed to introduce you to your freshman classmates, build your confidence and present the VWIL challenge. The August adventure includes ropes courses, team building initiatives, hiking, climbing, biking and much more.
  2. Cadre Week:  The first time you meet your upper class cadre you know the VWIL experience will be like nothing you have done before.  Study, drill, exercise and learn the meaning of class unity.
  3. Meet Your Calic.  Your VWIL big sister will guide you, counsel you, support you, motivate you and become a life-long mentor.  She is a VWIL upper class cadet and she has traveled the road you have just begun. You meet her after cadre week.
  4. The Induction Parade.  The freshman class joins the upper class on this day.  They sign the cadet oath and begin their nULL experience in full. Families and friends are there to celebrate the beginning of your development as a leader.
  5. Getting Your Green Pants.  The cadet uniform is worn only after you, as a freshman class, have earned the right to wear that uniform and wear it with pride and confidence.  You will gladly leave your first uniform in the closet when your calic delivers your green pants to you.
  6.  “Rites.”  The day you leave your nULLSHIP behind will be unforgettable.  It’s a long day filled with challenge, determination and celebration of your achievements. When?  Not until you are ready!
  7. Military Ball.  Scheduled to coincide with the date of the first VWIL parade, March 22, 1996, the ball is a formal event attended by cadets, alumnae, family and honored guests.
  8. Spirit Missions.  Hmmmmm.  Now some things are a secret.  We just cannot tell you all the ins and outs of spirit missions, but “nULLs unite!” Be creative and outwit the upper class.
  9.  “The Book.”  Know your VWIL history.  Know all cadet leaders by name.  Know your phonetic alphabet.  Know the VWIL traditions.  The Book provides the information and upper class women expect you to be in the know.
  10. Senior Celebration. On this evening before graduation you receive your VWIL certificate, pin and cords to recognize your completion of the program and your readiness to graduate from Mary Baldwin University.
  11. Change of Command.  The final and most significant parade of the year takes place the day before graduation.  The senior class passes their sabers to the rising seniors as they are relieved of duty and depart the field “hats in the air.”