Admission to Virginia Women’s Institute for Leadership (VWIL)

Admission to VWIL is competitive.  The components reviewed by VWIL admissions are the same as for the Mary Baldwin College for Women. You must file a supplemental application (Online) after completion of the Mary Baldwin College for Women application. There is no additional fee.

Application to VWIL may be made when a student applies to Mary Baldwin University or at any time after she has been accepted to Mary Baldwin. The admissions process occurs in two steps. The prospective cadet applies to and is accepted by Mary Baldwin University. Her VWIL supplemental application is then forwarded with her Mary Baldwin University application and letter of acceptance to the VWIL committee on admissions. The committee reviews each application and rates the applicants on these criteria:

  • Academic performance including high school grades and standardized test scores (SAT, ACT, or TOEFL)
  • Academic curriculum including courses taken in mathematics, science, foreign language, and other demanding classes
  • Leadership interest and experience including extra – curricular activities or participation in ROTC
  • Physical fitness including any evidence that the candidate is physically active in sports or conditioning programs and recognizes the physical requirements of the program
  • Personal statement explaining the applicant’s reasons for applying to VWIL, and stating what she expects to obtain from and give to the program
  • Letters of recommendation speaking to the applicant’s strengths and evidence of commitment to accepting the challenges of VWIL (helpful, but not mandatory)
  • A personal or telephone interview with the program director, commandant, or upper class cadet (helpful, but not mandatory)

The committee meets regularly throughout the year.

Several times each year, the office of Admissions and VWIL corps host visits to the college campus. All applicants are encouraged to attend an overnight visit or talk with cadets when they are considering applying to VWIL. Cadets can be very helpful in answering questions. The office of Admissions and the VWIL office can give you more information.

Financial Aid

VWIL students are eligible to receive all financial aid that is available to Mary Baldwin University students. For more information visit the financial aid page on our website