Corps of Cadets

Commandant Change of Command 10-17-13 Staff-Rainbow

All VWIL cadets are part of the Mary Baldwin University Corps of Cadets, the only all-female cadet corps in the nation. As cadets, you engage in our rigorous orientation program throughout your first semester.  You attend drill and ceremony training each week and you perform in parades each year demonstrating the corps’ pride and

The corps of approximately 125 is organized as a company with 4 rifle platoons, a band platoon, a color guard and a staff.  Cadet officers and cadet enlisted leaders earn leadership positions in the corps based on academic and physical performance, ratings by their peers, and results of a promotion board consisting of faculty, staff and cadet leaders.professionalism. You serve on guard teams, engage in corps inspections and are accountable for meeting the standards of attendance, dress and conduct. Cadets are typically in uniform 3 days a week.