From the Founding Director

Brenda BryantThe Virginia Women’s Institute for Leadership builds character and competence. For four years you live and learn in a demanding environment where honor, integrity and excellence are governing standards. The program is comprehensive; all aspects of your experience at Mary Baldwin University are considered opportunities for learning. Your commitment to the program is a commitment to demand the best from yourself, to fully use the experiences and resources available to you and to value and respect the community of which you are a part.

When you leave the Virginia Women’s Institute for Leadership, you are skilled as a leader, prepared as a citizen soldier and inspired to achieve balance in the way you live as an intellectual, social, physical and spiritual being. You are determined to attain your goals and to surmount any barriers you may face. You know yourself well; you appreciate collaboration; you take pride in your achievements and in the achievements of others. You are part of a network of women who are dedicated to their families, communities and careers.

This is not the easy way to get a college education. It is the best way to make that education count.


The Leader (Special Issue): A Tribute to the Ultimate Leader: Dr. Brenda Bryant 1945–2012