Basic Information





Basic Information

Where is the Writing Center?  Carpenter Academic Building, room 408.

When is the Writing Center open?  Click here for our schedule.

How many times a week can I meet with a tutor?  2-3 times, for a total of 2 hours.

Should I bring my paper on my laptop during an unscheduled walk-in appointment? Yes, bring your laptop, but please print your paper out and bring the hard copy with you.

How long will my meeting last? That’s up to you to decide, either 30 (actually 20-25 minutes) or 60 minutes (actually 45-50 minutes). If you work online, we suggest you schedule your meeting for an hour.

I scheduled a face-to-face meeting. How do I attach a paper for my tutor? Click the yellow folder icon on the schedule and upload a document. Your tutor thanks you: she’ll be able to read your paper in advance of your session.

English is not my first language, and I am afraid my paper is not grammatical.  Will a 30 minute tutorial really help me?  Yes, and you are welcome to schedule longer appointments several times a week.


Do I have to register through WCONLINE even if I just drop into the Center? Yes, but if you drop in, we’ll be glad to help you register and get set up for sessions.

I can’t figure out how to register.  Come by the Writing Center and we’ll get you started.  Off campus? Email us at writingcenter@marybaldwin.edu for help.


Can I just walk in without an appointment? Yes, but if the staff is busy with students who have scheduled appointments in advance, you may have to return another day.

What if I forget my appointment?  Our scheduler sends you an email or text reminder the night before your appointment.

Something came up at the last minute, and I can’t make my appointment this evening. What should I do?  Log into WCOnline to cancel or change your appointment.  NOTE: Do this at least 60 minutes before your appointment, or you’ll be sent a “missed appointment” email and counted as a “no show”.

I was 10 minutes late to my session and my tutor was helping someone else.  Sorry, but 10 minutes late = one “no show”.  You should try to arrive 5 minutes early for your appointments.

Help! I just missed my 2nd appointment and can’t log in to make a new appointment. If you miss 2 appointments, you are dropped from the scheduling system and won’t be allowed to make another appointment online for two weeks. If you miss 3 appointments, you may not use the online scheduler for the rest of a semester.  NOTE: You may still “walk in” to the Center, but if tutors are busy working with students who have appointments, you may need to return another time.

I’m in The Writer’s Studio program.  How can I make a weekly appointment for the same time every week?  Your course tutor(s) can set up a standing appointment for you.


I’m an Baldwin Online and Adult Programs or graduate student and live more than 25 miles from Staunton. Can I still use the Writing Center? Yes. You can schedule an online tutoring session through WCONLINE.

How will the tutor see my paper if I make an online appointment? When you schedule your online session through WCONLINE, you can attach a paper in advance by clicking the yellow folder icon.

I live in the dorm on campus but don’t feel like walking to Academic. Can I have an online appointment? No. Only students who live 25 miles or more from campus may make online appointments. Any exceptions to this policy must be approved by the director in advance.


Do Writing Center tutors proofread and edit papers?  No. Tutors help writers learn to recognize errors, and we offer strategies and practice that will help you correct your own errors and improve your proofreading and editing skills. We do not proofread papers.

My paper is due tomorrow afternoon — right after my tutoring session. How quickly can the Writing Center help me get my paper in shape? Probably not that quickly! We can certainly help, but start earlier to give yourself time to revise, edit, and proofread your paper after your Writing Center appointment.

Can the Writing Center help me if I haven’t started writing yet?  Absolutely. We can discuss the assignment and help you generate ideas.

My professor said I could revise at the Writing Center to improve my grade. We can’t promise you a better grade. We focus upon helping you improve your writing. Your grade is up to you and your professor.

Help! I’m not sure my paper has a thesis; in fact, I’m not sure what in the world I’m trying to say. Can you help? Yes. We can show you examples of strong thesis statements and help you make sure your thesis states a position or opinion. We can also help you clarify your main points.