Faculty Guide

Suggested Syllabus Statement

Writing Center peer tutors offer you free, one-to-one support through all stages of the writing process, from generating ideas and drafting to revising and editing. Writing conferences last anywhere from 20 to 50 minutes, depending upon your needs, and may focus upon a variety of formats (research papers, critical essays, lab reports, reviews, etc.) It’s easy to make an appointment for a face-to-face session in ACAD 408 or an online session (for non-residential students who live 25 miles or more away from campus): just read about Writing Center services at http://www.mbc.edu/writing_center/

Note: the Writing Center does not edit or proofread student work for students.

Introduce your students to the Writing Center

To arrange a brief 5-10 minute information session about the Writing Center in one of your on-campus classes, email director Molly Petty.

Requiring vs Recommending the Writing Center

Please encourage all students to visit the Writing Center webpage to learn about how best to use our services.

We encourage faculty to “recommend” Writing Center assistance to students. As a general rule, students who follow up on your recommendation and visit the Center on their own initiative are more comfortable — and their visit more productive — than those students who are required to visit to improve a grade or receive extra credit. (There are exceptions to every rule, of course, for example The Writer’s Studio classes where students are required on a regular basis throughout the semester to meet with a tutor.) Consult with the Director if you are consider requiring large numbers of students to visit the Writing Center, especially over a short span of time.

Writing Workshops

Writing Center staff are available to conduct small group workshops in the Center or in individual classes in any discipline. Workshops are tied to class writing assignments and focus upon a particular writing concerns. Past workshops include “how to avoid plagiarism,” “how to limit a thesis,” and “revision tips” for a particular kind of discipline-based paper. Faculty who would like a staff member to conduct a writing workshop in or outside their class should consult the director.

Contact the Director

Questions, requests, comments? Email mpetty@marybaldwin.edu