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New MBU Branding Materials

The Office of External Affairs deploys a variety of communication tools to assist Mary Baldwin University in achieving its mission. In the course of the year, we carry out hundreds of public communication initiatives — in print, electronic, and other formats.

External Affairs provides the following services:

  • >> Editorial assistance
  • >> Copywriting
  • >> Design and print fulfillment
  • >> Web updates and improvements
  • >> Press releases
  • >> Assistance with event promotion

Our Roles

Media Relations and Public Information

Serving as the primary point of contact for the media and sharing Mary Baldwin news with the world.

Electronic Newsletters

Delivering regular, timely updates about college events, research and announcements.

Web development and Maintenance

Managing routine, factual updates as well as major new projects online.

Marketing and Promotion

Producing effective materials that create a consistent and positive understanding of the college and what it offers.


Producing the university magazine, Boldly Baldwin; the Academic Catalog; and print publications that showcase the best of Mary Baldwin.

Legislative Affairs

Actively seeking ongoing public support for the Virginia Women’s Institute for Leadership and the Virginia Tuition Assistance Grant.

Emergency Communication

Keeping the community informed as situations unfold.

Online/Digital Logo Usage

To maintain an up-to-date usage of the Mary Baldwin University logo online, please use the links below:
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White: “”

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In order to ensure consistency of image and message and to integrate all communications into overarching communication strategies, External Affairs holds final approval authority over the design, content, and style of all official publications and printed materials produced and/or distributed by the college, whether or not they are produced by the Office of External Affairs. Contact us, at 1-540-887-7009 or

Mary Baldwin University Branding Materials

The Mary Baldwin University brand is how we share with the world that we are a small university with big rewards. And it begins with you. Your efforts to recruit inventive, resilient students. Your stories about our inspiring graduates. Your vital messages to people outside the university. To begin using these tools, templates, and guidelines to express the brand in your communication materials, please read our acceptable use policies and complete the form on this page.

If you have additional questions or need more specific information, please email or call 540-887-7009.

Access to additional MBU materials:

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