Graphic Design


  • You will be notified within 2-3 business days of submitting your request whether External Affairs is able to accommodate it; if so, process and schedule will be discussed at this time. Priority is given to marketing, admissions, fundraising, and constituency relations projects.
  • If External Affairs is not able to accommodate your request, External Affairs will assist you in outsourcing the design if 1) the outside designer is able to accept the project on your timeline, and 2) your departmental budget is able to accommodate the expense (which ranges from $130-260 for a poster to $1,500-$2,000 for a complex multi-page brochure).
  • External Affairs is more likely to be able to accommodate your project request when an existing design can be used as a template, with simple text and/or photo substitutions. This is especially true for campus event posters and other materials that are not a marketing/fundraising priority.
  • If you can identify existing photos and/or artwork, you will greatly reduce the staff time required. To be used, images should have a resolution of at least 300 dpi at print size and have a suitable composition for the purpose. Please be sure that the university has the legal right to use any submitted images.
  • All necessary content and information must be submitted before work can begin.
  • In most cases, two proofs will be provided – a first and final proof. After receipt of the first proof, please review carefully and submit all corrections/adjustments at the same time. The final proof should be reviewed for typos or factual mistakes. (New multi-page materials for marketing or fundraising may require additional rounds of proofs depending on the complexity of the project.)

The graphic designers in External Affairs supply a variety of support services for university-wide publications.

Our designers offer the following services to the university community:

  • consultation to ensure publication effectiveness and cost-efficiency
  • creative direction and design
  • preparation of mechanicals
  • production scheduling
  • preparation of printing specifications
  • supervision of off-campus printing production

Graphic Design Project Requests

Please use the project request form to formally request a graphic design project, whether for business cards, new or updated print materials, collateral materials, or electronic communication. A member of the External Affairs team will respond within 2-3 business days to let you know if your request can be accommodated and to discuss process and schedule.

The time necessary to complete the project varies greatly depending on the project itself as well as existing External Affairs workload; generally a minimum of three weeks is necessary for a poster or postcard, while three months or more may be required to develop an entirely new set of materials. Please contact External Affairs as early as possible to discuss your needs.

In developing the design and production schedule, priority is generally given to those projects necessary for admissions, marketing, fundraising, and constituency communication purposes. Materials for donor-funded events such as the Doenges and Firestone Lectures usually take higher priority than those for other campus events. External Affairs will accommodate requests for other design projects — e.g. event posters, postcards, invitations, advertisements, etc. — whenever it is feasible to work them into the production schedule.


External Affairs is committed to providing each office and department with graphic design and editorial content that will best serve its individual needs. In some cases, college departments may choose to produce their own materials or contract with outside vendors. In order to ensure consistency of image and message and to integrate all communications into the overall communication strategies, External Affairs holds final approval authority over the design, content, and style of all official publications and printed materials produced and/or distributed by the university, whether or not they are produced by External Affairs. Graphic design should conform to the Identity System, and text should conform to the Mary Baldwin Style Guide.

The Mary Baldwin Logo
All of the university’s official print materials should carry the official Mary Baldwin University logo.

The University Seal
Use of the university seal, which is generally reserved for official, formal purposes, must be approved in advance by the senior vice president.

To ensure consistency of image and message, External Affairs holds final approval authority over the design, content, and style of all official publications and printed materials produced and/or distributed by the university.

For routine materials that are not generated or designed by External Affairs (which can include posters, newsletters, T-shirts, invitations, etc.), please submit a PDF or printed copy (Microsoft Publisher files cannot be accepted) to Pam Dixon, senior graphic designer, a minimum of one week before the anticipated press date.

Strategic materials — particularly those that include the Mary Baldwin seal — should be submitted a minimum of two weeks before the anticipated press date to Leighton Carruth, communications specialist, for approval by the senior vice president.

Mary Baldwin STYLE

Mary Baldwin Style Guide (PDF)

This manual contains standards (including examples of acceptable and unacceptable usage) for usage and style (such as standard abbreviations for academic degrees, capitalization rules, dashes, treatment of numbers in text, and more).

Mary Baldwin University publications follow The Associated Press Stylebook and Briefing on Media Law except in the specific instances as defined in the Accepted Usage section of the Style Guide.