External Affairs Staff

Leighton Carruth 
The communications specialist position is at the heart of External Affairs’ operations. Leighton serves as the air-traffic controller, for the many project requests and inquiries the department receives, and is responsible for production of the entire Mary Baldwin Academic Catalog. Leighton also assists in writing news items for online and in the college magazine.
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Liesel Crosier
As director of news and media relations, Liesel oversees content on Mary Baldwin News and coordinates the delivery of electronic newsletters distributed to the campus community and key constituencies. She also serves as editor of Boldly Baldwin, the university’s magazine. Liesel works with external media outlets to inform the public about Mary Baldwin’s mission and events and is a member of the university’s integrated marketing and constituency communications committees.
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Pam Dixon 
Giving the university identity a tangible look and feel is part of Pam’s role as senior graphic designer on the Mary Baldwin graphic design team. She provides creative direction and shepherds projects through production, from budgeting to printing. Pam also oversees photography assignments for External Affairs and assists other departments in contracting photography.
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Erica Haynes
As the external affairs coordinator, Erica assist the external affairs manager in departmental projects and operations management. She provides content for digital and print news outlets and coordinates media and general public/community relations outreach. She also works closely with other external affairs members in tasks that include but are not limited to: updating media contacts, email, and mailing lists; compiling news clips; organizing faculty/staff files; archiving publications; and researching and placing paid media buys.
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Matthew T. Small
The newest member, Matt brings to Mary Baldwin his abilities as web designer and developer. His formal education in graphic design, and professional experience in web development, provides a unique skill set that allows External Affairs the ability to easily deploy digital marketing initiatives.
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Morgan Alberts Smith ’99
As the university’s webmaster and social media manager, Morgan helps maintain the thousands of pages that make up the Mary Baldwin website. Certified in Search Engine Optimization, she helps ensure certain pages within the site are highly visible among Internet searches. Additionally, Morgan is the university’s social media consultant — working with other departments to create their social media presence — and is also the online voice of the university as manager of its social networks, including the Mary Baldwin Facebook page.   
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Phoebe West
As an integral member of the Mary Baldwin graphic design teamgraphic designer Phoebe provides creative consultation and direction through all phases of a project, from initial concepting to printing and delivery. An experienced illustrator, Phoebe is also responsible for fulfilling business card requests.
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