The academic program plan for VWIL includes all the courses and instructional activities for which you receive credit.  The academic requirements for VWIL cadets are also described in the college catalog.  You will need to fulfill Common Curriculum requirements in addition to the requirements for your chosen major and ROTC.  Many of your core classes will also meet the VWIL requirements to earn a minor in leadership studies.  Use this guide in conjunction with the regular college catalog; please note that the VWIL requirements listed here include several courses that are not part of the traditional Mary Baldwin program requirements.

Cadets must make an effort to meet all VWIL requirements by successfully completing all courses in their studies as prescribed.  Cadets must continue to register for VWIL courses to indicate their desire to meet these requirements before graduation.


The VWIL program requires that VWIL cadets, in addition to completing both the college’s General Education requirements and an academic major, complete the following additional requirements, some of which may also count toward the General Education Requirements.  Completion of all VWIL program requirements will result in the award of a VWIL Certificate of Completion and the wearing of cords upon graduation.Jade Baker studying in Library


Academic Requirements for Completion of the Program and Award of the VWIL Certificate

In addition to completion of Mary Baldwin General Education/Common Core Curriculum, VWIL cadets will complete:

  •  One Humanities course in Ethics, either PHIL 102 or PHIL 235 (PHIL 235 is also required for the LS minor)
  • Minimum of eight semester hours of Sciences, either two lab courses or three non-lab courses
  • Gain an international perspective, either by:
    • 2 semesters of foreign languages; with a C- or better OR
    • 9 semester hours of Global Studies; OR
    • 1 semester of study abroad with oral presentation of study abroad upon return
  • Five Physical and Health Education courses
    • PHE 101, Wilderness, and LCP during nULL experience
    • One networking PHE (racquetball, golf, tennis, ballroom dancing)
    • One PHE elective
  • Three Quantitative Reasoning courses
    • Math 150 or above
    • Statistics (INT 222, MATH 233, MATH 234, or PSYC 250)
    • One Math/SR elective
  • INT 177, Citizen-Soldier
  • One course in Managing Difference (REL 237, COMM 280, or BUAD 202)
  • Minimum of four semesters of ROTC (those who pursue a commissioning track will complete eight semesters of ROTC)

 All VWIL cadets will declare and complete a Minor in Leadership Studies

  •  Nine semester hours in Leadership Studies core course curriculum on theories and practice of leadership
    • INT 230: History and Theories of Leadership (normally in sophomore year)
    • PHIL 235: Ethics, Community, and Leadership (normally in sophomore year)
    • INT 330/331: The Practice of Leadership Seminar (normally in junior year)
  • Oral communication: COMM 100
  • Course work in one of three emphasis areas: Business, Community and Social Change, or Military Leadership (see Mary Baldwin Catalog for course requirements within the emphasis areas)
  • An internship: INT 287/387 for Military or Business emphasis or CE 271/281 for Community & Social Change emphasis

Experiential Requirements

  • Oral communications skills:  give one VWIL briefing OR go before one Promotion Board
  • Physical fitness skills:  earn a score of 70 on the Strength and Endurance Test or improve SET score by a total of 20% during four years
  • Leadership skills:  hold two leadership positions, one of which must be in the Corps.
    • The positions must be evaluated and for the duration of a full academic year (Corps positions include: regimental, class system, LCP, ERS, PT Peer Advising).
    • Participate in bi-yearly peer evaluation process and counseling


Academic Regulations and GPA Requirements

Academic performance and achievement is expected of all cadets. Class attendance is mandatory for VWIL cadets, unless they have an approved permit or medical slip due to illness.  Cadets abide by a mandatory study hours system.

VWIL recognizes outstanding academic achievement in the form of academic stars, worn on the sleeve of the uniform.  Cadets receive a silver star for a Term GPA of 3.5 or higher during the preceding semester; a gold star is worn for a Term GPA of 3.0-3.49 during the preceding semester.

All VWIL cadets must maintain a 2.0 grade point average.  The average is computed at the end of the semester.  Should either your Term or Cumulative average fall below 2.0, you will be placed on the VWIL Academic Improvement Program during the following semester to help you improve your study habits and GPA.